Y Do I Miss U

Why do i miss you?

Why do I miss you?
everything seemed too good to be true

I thought you would always be mine
it seemed everything was just fine

What is it that I miss?
I miss every hug and every kiss

Why do I miss you?
I can’t forget how it felt to be with you

I can’t forget all the times we had
the good times and the bad

I trusted you with my heart
and now you’ve torn it apart

All the nights up late on the phone
is now time I spend alone

Wishing you were here with me
gives me nothing but misery

So, why do i miss you?
simply because I can’t forget YOU!

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I m on a mission:

Misson 2 avoid u,

2 forget u, 2 get rid of u,

2 not 2 talk 2u or meet u,

in short….


sweet story <3

Boy: let’s watch a movie
Girl: ok what movie!?…
Boy: a horror movie the grudge
Girl: um…ok

*after the movie*
Girl: i noticed… you were watching me most of the time …
Boy: *laughs* i watched the movie yesterday
Girl : huh !
Boy: i just wanted to hug you and protect you…♥

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dat was the time

Dat was d moment wen it was just 'WE', Dat was d moment wen we were carefree , Dat was d moment wen we didnt spoke , Dat was d moment wen our eyes did the talk . Dunno where d moment has lost , Dunno how far have u got , M here broken & quite, waiting for u to come back to my stride, i knw its impossible & i have that clue, bcos GOd has taken a part of me Thats 'U'

LOVE is not wen u get the perfect one… But its wen u feel that the one u Love is Perfect for you.. ♥ Love is not wen they match all ur choice.. But its wen U love them Unconditionally Just the way they are.. ♥ Its not wen u always stay together… Its also wen You become sad for not getting them close to you.. ♥ Its not wen u be together forever… But its..wen u keep ur hand on ur heart & whisper.. “NO MATTER WHATEVER HAPPENS… I’LL LOVE U FOREVER…” ♥

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